Suppliers List

Christmas Illuminations

Abraxus Ltd

Abraxus has extensive experience in the design, supply and installation of large scale Christmas lighting designs into public spaces.  Our expertise lies in the creation of contemporary, stylish lighting designed to be used alone or integrated into larger mixed or themed displays. Installed seasonally throughout many of London’s destination areas and in cities worldwide, our lighting never fails to deliver the ‘wow’ factor.  We are a design-led company and are constantly producing new, innovative ideas that are unavailable through mainstream suppliers.  Quality of manufacture is very important to us and for this reason, our lighting displays can be relied upon to not only work consistently throughout the festive season but to provide an investment that will last through many seasons’ use.

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Blachere Illuminations

Blachere Illumination UK, the UK's market leader for Festive, Decorative and Winter lighting, is pleased to be continuing its association with BIDs Scotland as it aims to reinforce its position as the preferred choice for Festive Lighting in Scotland.  

Blachere’s range of Christmas lights and motifs for streets, towns, city and shopping centres is one of the biggest and best in Europe. Products are available for both indoor and outdoor use. In addition to motifs for across street and pole mounting, the Blachere range of light strings, curtains and ceilings in a myriad of colours and combinations is unparalleled for illuminating trees, gardens, parks and the interior and exterior of buildings of all kinds and sizes.

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Gala Lights

Gala Lights specialises in delivering bespoke festive lighting displays for town and city centres across the UK.  Founded in 1994, we are one of the UK's major providers of festive lighting, tree illuminations and creative display techniques.  We pride ourselves in the quality of our product, our innovative designs and the thoroughness and professionalism with which we implement them.

We are part of the international LCX Group, one of the most established providers of special Illuminations in Europe, and our combined knowledge and expertise is unrivalled - we are experts with lights.

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Smart City Dressing

Smart City Dressing transforms streets through our street dressing and property portfolios. Smart Street dressing uses lamp column banners, information towers and building banners to promote place and events. Smart Property is the leading solution for empty retail units, our virtual shop and POP UP store products have been shown to increase retail enquiries and reduce crime as well as improving perceptions of place. Smart City Dressing also works closely with the business community to help finance their initiatives.

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Mapping Services

Cityscape Maps Limited

Cityscape Maps Limited, the UK's only creative mapping company able to offer your organisation a fully comprehensive service from consultancy through to publication and installation. With almost 15 years of experience, we apply our expertise to all forms of creative mapping, design and interpretation - including specialist print and signage manufacture.

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Silvermaze offer a range of town centre visitor information and display options including customised mapping in both 2D and 3D; map related interactive websites, display kiosks and a choice of specialist print from the patented VistaGram Little Book to shop window decals and signage. "Just one word; Exceptional!" one comment from our many client tributes, evidence of our high quality and service.

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Urban Maps

URBAN MAPSproduces unique and innovative mapping, directory and retail location services, both online and in print; making geographically complicated areas easily accessible to visitors and locals alike. Fully colour coded interactive maps combined with a comprehensive business directory create a powerful service that provides prospective customers with a quick and easy reference to nearest sales outlets, business locations and the facilities they have to offer.

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Cityscape Maps Limited

Cityscape Maps Limited, the UK's only creative mapping company able to offer your organisation a fully comprehensive service from consultancy through to publication and installation. With almost 15 years of experience, we apply our expertise to all forms of creative mapping, design and interpretation - including specialist print and signage manufacture.

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Fireworks Display

Frontier Fireworks Ltd.

Frontier Fireworks Ltd has been trading since 1996 and has performed professional fireworks displays all over the UK. The high artistic and creative element to our displays was recognised when we were awarded the runners-up prize at the National Fireworks Championships in 2002. The company designs, manufactures and imports fireworks so that we are always using the newest and most spectacular fireworks for our displays. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra have chosen us as their preferred supplier for the foreseeable future.

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GEO-Sense Footfall Analytics

Footfall analytics in real time. GEO-Sense is much more than just counting Footfall, Geo-Sense brings to you data not yet seen by conventional Footfall cameras or counters: Capturing, storing, recalling, monitoring visitor movement and differentiating between new and repeat visitors, giving you a unique insight not only on visitor Footfall, but also invaluable information on visitor dwell times and how often they visit your venue.

Designed to help towns, cities and retailers really understand visitor information 24/7 using technology, GEO-Sense can track all WiFi enabled devices, save the data and deliver analytics in real time, any time. GEO-Sense is also responsive and 100% mobile compliant meaning not only will you have access to all the footfall data you need while in the office but you can take it on the move with you and access all the reports on your mobile or tablet.

Based on a proprietary system designed by ourselves GEO-Sense is capable of associating a unique ID to individuals, this unique approach to footfall allows us to provide a wealth of reports providing the type of information YOU want.

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Cleaning Services


"Intex go the extra mile in ensuring that not only is the cleansing provided exceptional but there are no tell tale signs of Intex having been there.  Only clean streets and resident information letters would serve as the reminder! We strive to be the best in our field, supply our clients an effective customer service and ultimately be the best in our field, not just one step ahead of our competitors, but way out in front.

Our staff have expert training, both before they undertake cleansing operations for our clients and are then paired with an experienced member of the team to provide ongoing training, ensuring the best quality of work is obtained at all times."

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IT/Web Services

Empowering-Communities - IT Solutions for Neighbourhood Management and Crime Reduction

Empowering-Communities is a not-for-profit social enterprise offering cloud-based IT solutions which aim to help and empower victims, local communities, vulnerable people and their families. Our state-of-the-art software systems, SIRCS and E-CINS are licence-free providing partnerships with cost-effective solutions that encourage maximum participation.   

SIRCS is a neighbourhood management tool and social action network that helps communities and partnerships effectively tackle problems from retail crime and anti-social behaviour to reporting on graffiti and other environmental issues.  

E-CINS is dedicated to supporting the needs of the community, particularly vulnerable individuals and their families and can be used to help monitor those subject to court orders and anti-social behaviour contracts. It enables detailed and secure information sharing locally between the Police, Social Services, Probation and other local agencies such as housing associations and local authorities.

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