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Vacancy posted: Thursday, 22 June 2017

Salary: £35,000 - £40,000
Location: Paisley
Closing date: 07 July 2017
Paisley First is the non-profit organisation set up to deliver a BID (Business Improvement District) in Paisley town centre in an effort to revitalise the town centre and strengthen the town’s business environment.
The BID works for and on behalf of more than 600 businesses to help create a better business environment, a more attractive town centre for residents and visitors and a safe place to work and live.
Paisley First is seeking to appoint a highly motivated individual with strong communication skills and the ability to build strong public and private sector partnerships, preferably with experience, knowledge and prior involvement of managing BIDs.
The BID Manager will lead the organisation to benefit the local economy and local businesses and organisations and will ensure that the business plan is delivered in a professional, transparent and cost effective manner, achieving economies of scale and added value through partner engagement.
The key objective for the BID Manager will be to successfully deliver the business plan and its constituent projects.
The BID Manager will also manage BID staff, develop initiatives and liaise effectively with BID members and other stakeholders, whilst also working towards a successful renewal ballot in 2020.


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