Enterprising Bathgate delivers 24/7 upgraded CCTV

Enterprising Bathgate is delighted to announce the delivery of a major new project. For some time businesses have asked for improvements to the operation of CCTV in Bathgate town centre, and the BID have been working with partners to find an affordable solution. 

There have been many difficulties to overcome in what has been a lengthy process, but at last we can announce details of what has been achieved. The project has involved a successful funding application to the Scottish Government as well as input from West Lothian Council and Police Scotland. Enterprising Bathgate is providing the revenue to facilitate 24/7 monitoring and management of the CCTV cameras in our town centre by Town Centre Activities Ltd., an off-shoot of North Lanarkshire Council, which specialises in CCTV monitoring at their Coatbridge facility.
The main outcomes resulting from the successful conclusion of this project:
- all 14 CCTV cameras have been upgraded to provide pan, tilt and zoom facilities
- images from all cameras will be viewed by Town Centre Activities using the latest technology
- the cameras will be monitored 24/7 by TCA staffcontract will be implemented from April 2017



"Enterprising Bathgate, in Scotland’s first ever Business Improvement District has already delivered a range of improvements for local businesses, residents and consumers in Bathgate. We are delighted to be part of this latest development with our partners to achieve a safer and more prosperous Bathgate town centre. The process has been complex and challenging, but this unique partnership arrangement provides a modern solution to a challenging issue.”
Alice Mitchell, West Lothian Council’s Economic Development and Regeneration Manager

‘‘The recent CCTV upgrade and 24/7 monitoring will continue to provide and enhance a safer environment for people going about their daily business in the Bathgate town centre. Police in West Lothian fully support Enterprising Bathgate and West Lothian Council in continuing to make Bathgate a safer place to live, work and socialise.’’
Inspector Andrew Elliot, Police Scotland

"The Enterprising Bathgate Board believe that this project will make a huge contribution to safety and security in our town centre."
Enterprising Bathgate Board

“As an award winning organisation we deal with a variety of clients and have found working with Enterprising Bathgate to be extremely straightforward and motivating. The willingness to look at the requirements for the BID area and commitment to deliver the best possible service has been clear from the outset. We look forward to working closely with EB to deliver the first cross-council area monitoring project and aim to continue to deliver efficient services that will hopefully expand in the future.”
Tonia McBurnie, Managing Director, TCA

Source: Enterprising Bathgate