BID Models in Scotland

Introduction to Scottish BID Models

The Scottish BIDs legislation and model is very flexible and able to be used in a number of diverse ways by local businesses to help bring about a strong local partnership that is able to address local issues and concerns and deliver results.

The consultation on BIDs in 2003 identified that the model should not be restricted to town and city centres, to allow for more innovative and entrepreneurial BIDs to be developed such as in agriculture, rural areas, business parks, tourism and visitor areas, and single business sectors. The Scottish legislation allows BIDs to cross over local authority areas.


So far, Business Improvement Districts across Scotland are delivering a wide variety of projects and services which are specific to their local area. These projects and services are identified by the local businesses through a consultation with them on their main issues and concerns.

There is no restriction on the types of projects or the scale of projects that the businesses wish to see delivered except that they must not replicate or replace statutory services that are delivered by statutory authorities, such as the local authority.

Highlighted below are just some of the many models and projects being delivered across Scotland. 

BID Models and Projects