Town Centres Action Plan - The Scottish Government Response

The Town Centre Action Plan sets out a cross-government response to the National Review of Town Centres, sticking to the themed structure and succinct and direct tone of the original document.

All Scottish Government directorates have been actively engaged, identifying the relevant policies, programmes and strategies which support and put in place the conditions for the recommendations of the National Review of Town Centres to be delivered locally and to assist local action.

The Scottish Government has responded to this call by appointing the Local Government and Planning Minister as lead Minister with responsibility for an action plan, reporting to the Deputy First Minister.

 The Town Centre Action Plan makes specific reference to Business Improvement Districts,


‘We will test thinking with a range of stakeholders to identify support priorities for Business Improvement District (BID) projects and opportunities to expand what BIDS can deliver in alignment with the wider community focus recommended in the review report.’


For a full copy of the Town Centre Action Plan click here