More for Business

The Scottish BIDs Supporting Businesses in Scotland 

'More for Business' is a business benefits package developed by BIDs Scotland to assist BID companies in supporting their local businesses. Being part of the growing BIDs family in Scotland enables the collective purchasing power of all the businesses within BIDs to procure a variety of business services at competitive rates. 

'More for Business' has been developed to sit along side local procurement schemes by focusing on areas that are generally non-geographically based and nationally provided such as; energy, water, telecoms and smartphone application.

BIDs Scotland has worked with the following two companies and contact with them can be made by clicking on their names below.


eyebright Utilities 


David Brown Consultancy


If you believe that you can support local Scottish businesses on a non geographic and national basis please contact Ian Davison Porter on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.