GEO-Sense Footfall Analytics

Footfall analytics in real time. GEO-Sense is much more than just counting Footfall, Geo-Sense brings to you data not yet seen by conventional Footfall cameras or counters: Capturing, storing, recalling, monitoring visitor movement and differentiating between new and repeat visitors, giving you a unique insight not only on visitor Footfall, but also invaluable information on visitor dwell times and how often they visit your venue.

Designed to help towns, cities and retailers really understand visitor information 24/7 using technology, GEO-Sense can track all WiFi enabled devices, save the data and deliver analytics in real time, any time. GEO-Sense is also responsive and 100% mobile compliant meaning not only will you have access to all the footfall data you need while in the office but you can take it on the move with you and access all the reports on your mobile or tablet.

Based on a proprietary system designed by ourselves GEO-Sense is capable of associating a unique ID to individuals, this unique approach to footfall allows us to provide a wealth of reports providing the type of information YOU want.

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