Interim Review of BID Companies

Below you can find information on the Scottish Interim Review for BID Companies in Scotland.

The objective in developing an Assessment and Accreditation Interim Review (AAIR) for Scottish BID Companies is to,

  • develop a bespoke review which recognises and accords with the Scottish BIDs legislation and the public and private sector environment in Scotland

  • to develop an Assessment and Accreditation Interim Review which gives confidence to businesses and the Board of Directors that the practices of the BID Company are robust and accord with good practice and

  • supplies an audit trail to support any future evaluation of the BID Company.

In developing the Interim Review, BIDs Scotland and EKOS consulted with,

  • key stakeholders and organisations

  • key UK national businesses and

  • the Scottish Retail Consortium

and reviewed existing Assessment and Accreditation Frameworks, including exisitng documents used by businesses to assess BID Proposals in the UK to identify key lessons for transfer to the Scottish context.

From the above a draft AAIR was prepared and tested on an existing Scottish BID.

Following the testing of the AAIR a revised document was presented to an assembly of the key stakeholders prior to completion and before submitting as the final Assessment and Accreditation Interim Review document.

The Assessment and Accreditation Interim Review is recommended by BIDs Scotland as good practice and is included as one of the good practice elements of any Scottish BID Proposal and BID Business Plan.

For further information please contact Ian Davison Porter Director BIDs Scotland.


The full list of Scottish BIDs having undertaken the Assessment and Accreditation Interim Review is below,


Falkirk Delivers

Clacksfirst Limited

Enterprising Bathgate

Dunfermline Delivers

Essential Edinburgh