Major conference to discuss BIDs

The Key to Inclusive Economic Growth for Scotland 

Over 250 leaders from across sectors and nations, will gather in Perth Concert Hall on, Tuesday, 28th March, to discuss the phenomenal progress and innovative plans for Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) in Scotland. The conference, ‘People – Place – Business: BIDs – the Key to Inclusive Economic Growth’, will launch The National Report on BIDs in Scotland, and hear from key speakers; showcasing Scotland as being in the vanguard of a growing movement of Business Improvement Districts (BIDs); an approach which rallies effort and builds inclusive local economies.
Across the world, this business movement is growing and Scotland is in the vanguard of it. Covering 36 areas across Scotland (and expected to double by 2018), Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) are more than just another business partnership; they are the beating heart of a local relationship between local authorities, community and place, helping to accelerate business as good citizens.
The success of this movement is detailed in a new National Report produced by BIDs Scotland, the national body and voice for BIDs in Scotland, and will be launched at their annual conference on 28th March.
Conference speakers such as economist, Neil McInroy and economic adviser, Ross Martin, will illustrate how local areas in the last 8 years, have benefitted from an additional £60m; the creation of up to 400 jobs; and for every pound spent on the BID levy a further 47p average return has been generated. This money multiplies.
Neil McInroy commented, “Key to the BID approach, is BIDs help their business members to get involved in wider criteria which makes for successful places: BIDs have improved streetscapes, developed events, deepened the customer experience and improved local environmental quality.”
Ian Davison Porter, Director of the national body, BIDs Scotland, emphasised that, “Scotland also boasts an effective national policy and flexible legislation developed by the Scottish Government, which means BIDs are not just about place, they are about communites. The potential for sharing and mutual improvements via a BID also includes business parks like Clacksfirst in Clackmannanshire and business clusters such as Loch Ness Inverness Tourism BID and East Lothian Food and Drink BID.”
This use of the BID model is attracting interest from BIDs and Governments across the Rest of the UK, Europe and Scandinavia – many of whom will be attending the conference to learn more from their Scottish counterparts.
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BIDs Scotland
Download The National Report on BIDs in Scotland 2017
Conference to be held from 0930 am – 4.30 pm, on Tuesday 28th March at Perth Concert Hall, Mill Street, Perth.