Contract offer to clean Aberdeen's chewing gum

Companies are being given the chance to bid for a £270,000 contract to clean chewing gum from Aberdeen’s pavements and street furniture.
The city council has invited firms to come forward to tender for the major project.
The scheme would involve cleaning every piece of chewing gum from areas within the city centre three times a year.
The clean-ups would take place during summer, autumn and in the New Year.
Nearly 25,000 square metres will be covered as part of the scheme, including Bridge Street, Chapel Street, Market Street, Rosemount Viaduct and Schoolhill.
Other parts of the city which will have a chewing gum blitz include Upperkirkgate, Windmill Brae, Justice Mill Lane and Crown Street.
A council spokesman said: “In total an area of 25,000 square metres will be covered – a sizeable part of the city centre. The expectation is that the work will be carried out in early summer, autumn and in the New Year each year.”
The company would be in place for three years.
A deadline for firms to come forward has been set for Monday, May 8.
It comes less than a year after more than 250,000 pieces of chewing gum were removed from Union Street.
It was part of the local authority’s Operation Union Street Rejuvenation, which aimed to bring the shine back to the Granite Mile.
But now the council wants to appoint an external company to do further work.
Geoff Cooper, city centre manager for Aberdeen Inspired, said: “Keeping the city centre clean and tidy is vitally important to make it appealing to residents and visitors alike.
“It’s good to see Aberdeen City Council is moving forward with its plans to combat chewing gum on our streets, and a three-year contract will keep the momentum going alongside other rejuvenation works in the city centre.
“While efforts are made to clean the chewing gum from the streets, we also need encourage people to put their gum in the bin to help keep the city clean.”