Happy new year for disabled users in Largs?

As we enter 2017, Access All Areas columnist Zoe MacLean reflects on the 'News' campaign to improve access around the town for disabled people, and has highlighted some significant issues which she believes needs improving...

Is Largs in with a sporting chance?

In preparation for the opening of the new passport facility at Inverclyde Sports Centre in early 2017 it is important that accessibility within the town itself is also addressed.

A few weeks ago I was asked by two representatives of the local business group Explore Largs to accompany them on aid walk around Largs. The purpose of the visit was to demonstrate what a typical visit is like from an accessibility point of view.

There were a number of issues that were highlighted as areas in need of improvement some of these included: The need for improved accessible toilets in Largs. This would attract a greater number of visitors to the town with varying accessibility needs.

Improvements are needed to roads and pavements. This would make it easier for everyone to progress through the town safely. Perhaps an accessible map or route to go through the town might be an ultimate goal.

Access improvements to shops and cafes would attract a great number of visitors to spend more time in the town and bring more business to the town.

Explore Largs have been awarded a grant from Visit Scotland with the aim of improving disabled access. This money will hopefully go some way towards addressing some of the main access issues within the town.

North Ayrshire Access Panel are a voluntary organisation whose members work in conjunction with North Ayrshire Council to address access issues throughout the district.

If anyone has experience of any accessibility issues within Largs or the surrounding areas please contact Zoe at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact the Largs and Millport News on 01294 447514.


Source: Largs and Millport News